Hotel Restaurant POS Systems

Hotel management can be a handful with the number of responsibilities required to keep operations running smoothly, especially when a fully-fledged restaurant is part of your offerings. As such, effective solutions are necessary for improved efficiency and productivity. This is where BPAPOS’s hotel restaurant POS systems come into play.


POS System Integration

When your hotel adopts POS systems from BPAPOS for a restaurant, plenty of benefits will follow. With our offerings, you can take advantage of these different features with ease.

Running a hotel restaurant has never been easier with our Retail Touch POS system; plus, we provide it at no extra cost for the software. Operating in the hotel industry can be unpredictable, so ensure your operations are well equipped to handle what you know is coming.


General Ledger Tool

Watching profitability is a major part of management and a main feature included in our POS systems. The General Ledger tool makes it easy to follow figures from all your different properties. You can also dodge double entry and other accounting fees after adopting POS system integration as well. With our integrated accounting, you will have the ability to process payroll, manage time clocks, receive integrated receivables, manage payables, and more.

Credit Card Processing

Hotel restaurant POS system integration will also include credit card processing. Therefore, transactions can be faster and more secure since they are EMV- and PCI-compliant. Direct integration also lowers the room for error to virtually zero, and customers won’t have to get an abundance of receipts after a purchase.

Take that next step in offering the best experience possible for your guests by upgrading to technology that will add organization and efficiency behind the scenes. BPAPOS is here to help make your work life easier. If you want to learn more about our hotel restaurant POS systems, please feel free to contact us today for more information!

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