Retail Gift Card System

Gift cards and loyalty programs are a great way for retail businesses to generate billions of dollars of sales each year. That's why we've integrated these programs directly into our Business Plus Accounting software.


Restaurant Gift Cards & Loyalty

Every business should offer some form of a gift card or certificate to their customers. These options are also great gifts for customers who prefer shopping at your store. Another surefire way to keep your customers returning is by providing a loyalty program. These programs give regular customers an incentive to continue coming back to your store. The incentives are often a discount or a punch card that gets them a special offer once the card is full. The problem, however, is many businesses don’t know how to offer gift cards. Well, we’re proud to offer a retail gift card system that also works with loyalty programs.


Retail Gift Cards

Our gift card system for retail stores has several competitive features.

Various Loyalty Programs

Our system supports various loyalty programs, from points and credits to discounts and member pricing.


We offer gift cards designed with your business’s name and logo.

No Fees/Rates

By purchasing your gift cards from us, you won’t pay swipe fees or rates per transaction.

Free Reload

Customers may reload their gift cards at your store at no additional cost to you.

...And More!

Gift Card Image

Our retail gift card system is different than most others on the market in that you control the unused balance of gift cards. In fact, 27% of all gift cards are never redeemed. This amounts to $2,000-$10,000 per year for most businesses. Most other retail gift card processing systems require you to use a service provider. The problem with these providers is that they would keep the unredeemed funds—meaning you lose the profit. That’s not fair. With our system, you control the funds and profits from each sale of a gift card. Our system also processes loyalty cards that will give your regular customers an incentive to return to your store as opposed to your competitors.

If you have any questions about our systems or how to incorporate them into your business, contact our team, and we'll be happy to assist.

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