POS Security System for Hotels

Security is of the utmost importance in a working environment with threats coming from various angles. While there may be plenty of potential dangers out there, there are just as many ways you can protect your hotel from them.


Payment Security System

Your customers should feel confident that their payment information stays safe when they stay in your hotel. At BPA, our product features POS security software to keep your customers' information safe.


Employee Clock In/Out

Using a POS security system for hotels from BPAPOS is one of the best ways to fend off against current attacks—as well as those that haven’t happened. Our POS security system makes things incredibly easy for employees regarding clocking in and out for the day with a touch screen or employee card.

Manager Password

There are also restricted features on our security systems that are reserved for managers; luckily, these are just as easy to use with touch screen or manager password card accessibility.

Restricted Access

Theft is an ongoing danger hotels need to prepare for, and security systems can keep that potential issue from happening to your business. Something as simple as turning on restricted access can stop outside forces and employees from stealing.

Server Allocation

Cash drawers can be incredibly vulnerable, but they don’t have to stay that way. BPAPOS security systems give you the ability to track any transactions and payments made at your hotel, so you can easily follow the cash flow and keep your register safe and secure.

Password System

At the heart of any security system is a strong password. We go one step further with our password system that protects important information. Employers can also make sure that employers are staying on task by tracking logins performed throughout the day.

Security is something so many businesses neglect and end up paying the price for later on. BPAOS has no shortage of options with our POS security system for hotels that can cast a wide safety net over your business. If you’re looking to make your hotel more secure, we at BPAPOS can help! Feel free to contact us if you want to keep the danger at bay.

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