Restaurant POS Security Software

Running a business is hard, especially without a reliable security and accountablity system. At BPA, our product features POS security software to keep your customers' information secure.


Payment Security System

Without a payment security system, your customers’ information might be at risk. Our restaurant POS security software system is EMV- and PCI-compliant, so you can have peace of mind when operating your restaurant. Our product also features accountability software. After all, holding each employee accountable is vital to running a successful business. Ideally, each of your employees has integrity and would refrain from doing anything wrong; unfortunately, though, that’s not always the case. Having a system business owners can trust is what gives our security software for the restaurant POS System the cutting edge. Here are some highlights of our restaurant POS security and accountability software.


Employee Clock In/Out

Employees can clock in and out and can log in and out of the POS screen using the touch screen or using employee cards.

Manager Password

Managers can use the touch screen or their manager password card to authorize restricted functions like voiding tickets or comp’ing items.

Restricted Access

You can restrict actions that might allow employees to steal from you, such as removing items after a cook’s ticket has been printed.

Server Allocation

All transactions are assigned to the server and you can reconcile each server.

Security Events Module

The software includes a security events module that will interface with your video security cameras.

Item/Ticket Reports

Print reports showing items have been removed, tickets that have been voided, and items have been comp’ed or discounted.

Password System

The password system allows you to specify which software modules and functions each employee has access to and creates a log entry each time a password is entered so you can track what your employees are doing.

Employee Access

Specify which software modules and functions each employee has access to.

If you have any questions regarding our security software for the restaurant POS System and its features such as securing your customers info, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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